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Sports Injury and Trauma Clinic

sports injury and trauma clinic in burton-on-trentBruises, lacerations, shin splints and twisted ankles have shown to heal much quicker with the application of specific herbal formulas and acupuncture! Managing acute trauma is one of the strengths of Chinese Medicine. Any pain in the body is considered a blockage (or stagnation). By breaking up this blockage and allowing the free flow of blood circulation, pain is relieved! Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a great reputation for doing this. Even if you are not an athlete, the wear and tear of everyday life can take its toll.


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About AcuHealth

Grahame Gargini MATCM is the clinical director of AcuHealth, a company dedicated to achieving results and getting people well using Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporating acupuncture Chinese herbs and nutrition. The primary activity of the company is Grahame’s general Chinese medicine and acupuncture practise and the development of specialised clinics in digestive, gynaecological, infertility, pain and fatigue conditions.

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